The Rich List Group host exclusive events for the very elite members of society who love to have a spontaneous good time, and are interested into investing in art... 

That's why we are organising the Rich List Art Weekends as part of the events around the Formula 1 in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Monaco.

The curated art exhibitions will take place during the Formula 1 weekends giving F1 aficionado's, and Rich List members the opportunity to invest into a selection of some of the best art out there. Giving art collectors a spectacular one-of-a-kind platform to make unique connections, and opportunities to add curated art to their collections. 

The art exhibitions are part of the famous Rich List events, where only VIPs are allowed to visit - sponsored by Dom Pérignon, Red Bull, Heineken, Moët & Chandon, and of course the F1...! 

A true and wonderful event where pleasure meets art and art meets VIPs, in 5-star venue's chasing the F1, with exquisite surroundings, and curated art exhibitions that guests will remember forever.


MONACO | 23RD-26TH MAY 2019

Discover the thrill of Formula One racing like never before, with a Super Yacht hospitality package for the 2019 Grand Prix. Enjoy the racing in style and glamour, with an incredible track-side view from our luxury yacht. You will experience the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix from our Super Yacht, right in the heart of the best motor racing action in the world.

Want to Exhibit your Art and get the attention of the Rich & Famous in Monaco during the Formula 1. Apply now to be one of the selected exhibitors that have a chance to be exposed to a gathering of a wealth extraordinaire art aficionados on a yacht during Monaco F1 23rd - 26th May 2019.